Paul Garvey - Owner

Paul was born in Duluth, Minnesota and moved to San Jose, California at a young age.  While his early college studies centered on psychology, sociology and music, he eventually graduated from Chico State University in the field of Administration.  Paul's career began with working in the Educational Division of the Singer Corporation, spending ten years training and educating disadvantaged youth, 16-21 years of age.  Paul's last four years with Singer was in the capacity of Director of Administrative Services, overseeing several major departments and responsible for the overall budget.

In 1985, Paul relocated to the Napa Valley and immediately started working with Casa Verde Grapevines in Zamora, California.  He assisted the work crews with the growing and propagation of grapevines for commercial sale.  Under the direction of his brother, Pat, at Flora Springs Wine Company, Paul then went on to learn the nuances and idiosyncrasies of farming premium wine grapes.  He studied viticulture at both the Santa Rosa and Napa Valley College campuses, and augmented these programs with classes at UC Davis.

Over the next decade, Paul started building the vineyard management company, while continuing helping and assisting with the Flora Springs farming operation.  As Garvey Brothers Vineyard Management grew in size, Paul then devoted all of his time to directing and managing the company.

In 2009, Paul spearheaded the development of Father Mathew's Vineyard, in the small town of Yountville.  The vineyard is located next to St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church and is approximately two acres in size.  Part of the project was to gather local vendors and vineyard management companies, and securing donations in the form of labor, materials and equipment.  All annual farming expenses are currently paid for by Bettinelli and Garvey Brothers Vineyard Management companies.  To date, the program has contributed over $85,000 to worthwhile organizations, individuals and charities within the community and also in India, where Father Mathew now resides.

Garvey Brothers VMC is truly a family owned company.  Paul's wife Lynn oversees the payroll, invoicing, accounts receivable and accounts payable functions of the business.

Paul and Lynn have two children and have resided in the Napa Valley since 1985.